Regulation/Entry Form

[toggle title=”I – DATE AND LOCATION”]
Article 1 – FICA 2014 – International Environmental Film and Video Festival, will take place in the town of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil, from May 27th to June 1st, 2014.
[toggle title=”II – OBJECTIVES”]
Article 2 – The aim of FICA 2014 is to promote, show and award prizes to short (up to 29 minutes), medium (from 30 to 69 minutes) and feature-length (more than 70 minutes) audiovisual works, in animated, fiction or documentary format, that necessarily have environmental themes, and that may have been produced in any part of the world, as well as to promote actions in production, education and capacitation in audiovisual fields.
[toggle title=”III – ENTRIES”]
Article 3 – Environmentally-themed 35mm films, videos and TV series, all produced from January 1st, 2012 are eligible to enter the competition.

Article 4 – Entries will be accepted from February 3rd, 9 am (Brasilia – official time), to March 20th, 2014, 6 pm, by completing the appropriate form online on the Festival website,

Article 5 – To carry out the registration, the movie or video should be sent to the festival via the internet link or by post / carrier:

I – Link: The link should be downloadable at time of online registration and it must be clearly noted in the appropriate field on the entry form that the piece will be submitted electronically. We will only accept the following downloadable formats: Quicktime movie H.264, mp4 H.264 file or ISO file with SD DVD or HD DVD imaging.

II – Post / Carrier : Two (2) copies must be submitted in SD DVD or HD DVD format, region 0 or 4, or Blu-Ray Disc, Region 0, 1 or A, properly identified with the original title of the entry and registration number to:

Secretaria de Estado da Cultura – Secult-Goiás
Praça Cívica, nº 2, Edifício Marieta Telles – Centro
Goiânia-GO, Brasil
CEP 74003-010

Section One – The filmmaker, upon completing the form online, must also submit, in the appropriate fields, the following items:

I – JPEG image to be used in the catalog (300 to 600 dpi resolution);
II – script or dialog list in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English;

Section Two —Those who decide to send the piece via link should attach it in the appropriate field of the online application form when filling as no links will be accepted link separately. If the links are corrupted, inaccessible or unavailable, the filmmakers will be notified via email and will have a deadline of 24 hours to send the new link.

Section Three – As it relates to television series, the contestant must send a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 (five) episodes of the television series for the selection process. The selection committee will define how many and which episodes of the contestants will be screened.

Section Four – Those who choose to send the entry copy via Post / Carrier, it must be sent by the date and time registration limit as per specified in art. 4, as posting date will be considered for corroboration. The deadline for receipt of the material to be reviewed by the Selection Jury is March 28th, 2014, at the latest.

Article 6 – The material for the selection process will not be returned, and will be incorporated into the Goiás Department of Culture (SeCult-Goiás) – FICA archives.

Section One – FICA will not be accountable for customs expenses and / or transportation of the material.
[toggle title=”IV – OF THE SELECTION PROCESS”]
Article 7 – A Selection Jury made of 5 (five) members, indicated by the festival organizers, will select, among the films and videos submitted, those which will participate in the competitive screening, and will have total autonomy to refuse films or videos which do not meet the FICA 2014 selection criteria or do not fulfill the conditions set forth in the festival rules.

Section One – Films or videos in any manner linked to the Selection Jury, or the Awards Jury, to SeCult – Goias, as well as to any of the Festival’s organizational structure, will be automatically disqualified.

Section Two – The Selection Jury must indicate a minimum of three films or videos from the State of Goiás among the film and videos submitted to take part of the competitive screening, which will compete for the prize of “best production from Goiás”.

Section Three – In order to qualify as a production from the State of Goiás and compete for the prize stipulated in items 5, Article 11, films and/or videos must have been made/produced by individuals and/or corporations with proof of residence in the State of Goiás for two years or more.

I – Upon registration, the filmmaker must clearly identify the piece as “Produced in Goiás”, and will be held legally responsible for the accuracy of this information;

II – The Festival organizers may at any time request from the filmmaker proof of eligibility for submitting to the “Produced in Goiás” category.

Article 8 – The list of selected material will be available on the festival website ( by April 8, 2014. This date may be postponed at the discretion of the organization of FICA 2014 and will be duly noted on our site, should that be the case.
[toggle title=”V – OF THE SELECTED MATERIAL”]
Article 9 – The selected material must be in the festival office by April 30, 2014 at 18h (Official Brasília – DF time), at the address provided in art. 5.

Article 10 – The selected material in 35mm format should be sent with a copy, in digital media Pen Drive, External HD or Blu Ray Disc , with the file format as specified in art. 12 of this document.

Section One: The digital file can also be sent by internet , via a link to download.

Article 11 – The selected material in digital format may be sent by Internet, via a link to download (preferably) or by Post / Carrier:

I – Link: a digital file, pursuant to art. 12, item II.
II – Post / Carrier: at the address stated in the article 5 as a digital file, as per article 12, item II, Pen Drive, External HD or Blu Ray Disc.

Article 12 – The selected works will be screened in the FICA 2014’s Competitive Screening in one of the formats listed below:

I – 35 mm film with 2.0 or 5.1 sound;
II – Quicktime movie, H.264 , H.264 mp4 file not exceeding 2K resolution with 2.0 or 5.1 sound.

Article 13 – The selected films that do not meet the deadline established in the caput of article 9 shall be disqualified from FICA’s Competitive Screening.

Article 14 – As provided for in art. 28 of Provisional Measure no. 2228-1, dated September 6, 2001, all cinematographic and videofonographic Brazilian production selected for screening at the FICA 2014 must submit a Brazilian Product Certificate (CPB) as required by the Cinema National Agency (ANCINE).

Article 15 – The Festival is responsible for the storage and safekeeping of the films and videos received for the FICA 2014. In case of damage or loss, reimbursement will not exceed the cost price of the damaged or lost copy.

Article 16 – The organization of the 2014 FICA will invite one (01) filmmaker or representative of each piece selected to participate in the festival.

Section One: The festival will bear the costs of transportation (return ticket), accommodation (double occupancy, divided between two directors) and board.
[toggle title=”VI – PRIZES”]
Article 17 – The Award Jury made of 07 (seven) renowned members of the audiovisual and environmental world. A president responsible for the minutes of the meetings will coordinate this Jury. All decisions are final and irrevocable.

Article 18 – The Awards Jury will award the following official prizes:
I. GRAND PRIZE CORA CORALINA for the best film or video in the competitive screening, consisting of a trophy and R$50,000.00 (fifty thousand reais);

II. CARMO BERNARDES TROPHY and R$35,000.00 (thirty-five thousand reais) for the best feature film or video;

III. JESCO VON PUTKAMER TROPHY and R$25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand reais) for the best medium-length production;

IV. ACARI PASSOS TROPHY and R$25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand reais) for the best short production;

V. JOÃO BÊNNIO TROPHY and R$40,000.00 (forty thousand reais) for the best film or video produced in the State of Goiás;

VI. JOSÉ PETRILLO TROPHY and R$30,000.00 (forty thousand reais) for the second best film or video produced in the State of Goiás;

VII. BERNARDO ÉLIS TROPHY and R$25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand reais) for the best environmental television series.

VIII. Press Trophy awarded by specialized press.

Section One – Income tax (IRRF) will be deducted from cash prizes awarded, according to the Brazilian legislation.

Section Two – Other awards and honors may be offered by other national or international institutions may be offered as long as they are approved in advance by the Festival, at the expense, delivery, payment of taxes, levies and other charges of the institutions that proposed them.
Article 19 – The Festival organizers reserve the right to show a 3 minutes extracts from the selected films and/or videos in movie theaters and/or broadcast television, free or charge, for festival publicity purposes.

Article 20 – The selected films and/or videos may be shown for up to 180 (one hundred eighty) days, in FICA itinerary screenings, in non-commercial screening sessions, except under express restrictions from the film/video producers/directors.

Section One – After 180 days, under film/video producers/directors’ express permission, SeCult-Goiás – FICA will be able to utilize the works in archives during cultural and environmental exhibits, always with non-profit purposes.

Article 21 – Completing the entry form implies acceptance on the Festival rules.

Section One – The festival rules were originally written in Portuguese and translated into English, Spanish and French. Any questions arising from this document shall be settled according to the Portuguese version.

Article 22 – Issues not covered by these rules will be settled by the FICA 2014 organizers in meetings coordinated by the Head of Goiás Department of Culture. All decisions will be final.


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Head of Goiás Department of Culture